The other day I went out of the back door into my (very small) garden and noticed a wasp struggling to get free from an old, abandoned spiders web beneath the patio doors. I decided to help it, but wished that I hadn’t bothered, because it decided to attack me the second it was free.

Now – I’m fairly sure that wasps are a little bit evil as they do attack for no reason sometimes. This particular one however was the son of Satan himself. I swung a few wild punches at it (all of which missed), but the swings were enough to see the wasp on its way. It didn’t get very far because before I could even finish calling it, (and I quote) “An ungrateful c**t” – it flew directly into a much larger and far more deadly spider’s web woven neatly between the washing line and garage. I jumped for joy as this huge black-bodied spider leapt into action and bit the wasp repeatedly leaving it all but paralysed. Surprisingly the spider then left it alone and the wasp managed to get himself free. It fell to the ground and clearly only had use of its front legs and antennae. I considered squashing the ungrateful little bas**rd, but I didn’t have to… As luck would have it, the wasp fell directly into a path of black ants who took immediate offence and attacked it viciously before carrying it off to their underground nest to be dismembered and probably eaten. “Serves you right” I thought…

I went back in to the house after this, locked the door and just kept out of trouble for the rest of the day..

I did however look up what type of wasp it was as it was an odd looking thing. It turns out it was a ‘Potters Wasp’ apparently. Well, I won’t be helping out one of these again and I strongly urge you not to either.