I was asked the other day if I had a business card – and you know what? I genuinely didn’t.. In fact I’ve never had one. I’ve designed countless business cards and letter heads for a whole range of companies and never bothered to design one for myself. Well this has now changed and I’m all official these days. I was watching the telly (this is very rare) and vistaprint were offering a ridiculous deal for printing 250 x business cards and I fired up my MAC, produced a little design and got some done. I now can’t help myself from giving them away to anybody and everybody.

Why do people try to give you business cards back ? You hand one to somebody and they say “Oh yeah, good that” before handing it back to you ! It totally defeats the object of giving it to them in the first place!  🙂

I’ve just realised that I forgot to include my name on my business card.. Oops.