I’ve never been one for blowing my own trumpet (speaking about how good I am I mean). So its always been a bit of a struggle for me to put a personal “business website” together. That coupled with the fact that the majority of work I do is for clients who use me as a ghost designer. This means that I don’t actually exist. I cannot showcase anything I do because if I did, this would totally belittle the companies I work for and they would strike me down with one final rubbery cheque. Even name-dropping some of the companies I’ve recently completed projects for could land me in trouble and that’s the way things are for me and the majority of freelancers I know and work with.

I do, however, on the odd occasion produce designs when I can actually work as “myself” I  can actually meet the client and even use my real name! Its really quite humbling for a change to not have to pretend to be an employee for somebody else. On these rare occasions I will post what I’m doing on here.

(Updated on 25th May 2015 – I no longer work for any agencies and haven’t done since December 2014. It’s wonderful!)